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Gates & Ranch Patrol

Gate Status:  Open to Members and Visitors
Staff Business Hours:  7:00 am - 11:00 pm
Phone: 805-238-9641 option 2

Main Gate Procedures and Information

The Main Gate on Gateway Drive is accessible 24/7. Remember that the Visitor lane is to be used by anyone who:

Status: Member Only
Staff Hours: Non-staffed
Phone: 805-238-9641 option 2

Gate Procedures and Information

The entry gates on Heritage Loop Road at the North Entrance are now in operation for Members Only.

Cameras are set up to record and monitor activity at the North Entrance.  Anyone who does not have a current decal on their vehicle and/or vessel and attempts to use the member lane is subject to receiving a citation.


Non-Emergency Crime Reports should be directed to: 

SLO County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 805-781-4550

Ranch Patrol Dispatch:
Phone: 805-238-9641 option 2
(Contact Main Gate and Request Dispatch)

Members are advised to be vigilant in their neighborhoods and on social media. We are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s office at (805) 781-4550 if we notice unusual or suspicious activity.  Call 911 if you observe a crime in progress.  

Heritage Ranch has upgraded our gate access system to add two new and very convenient options for visitor, guest and vendor access at both the Main Gate on Gateway Drive and the North Gate on Heritage Loop Road.  

All Highway Vehicles and Golf Carts - When operating highway vehicles and/or golf carts, a valid driver's license is required in possession at all times.  If driven at night, golf carts must be equipped with at least one lighted white operating headlamp and one lighted red tail lamp which is clearly visible from the rear.  All highway vehicles and golf carts must stay on designated Heritage Ranch roads.