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Docks to Rent

2022 Boating Season

PARTY DOCK B Reservations and A Replacement Update for Party Docks A

  • Party Dock B has had its current renovations completed and is available for the season*, starting the Memorial Weekend weekend.  We are selecting the rental of this amenity on a lottery basis, unless only one application is received by the lottery deadline for the selected week. 

  • The rental fee for this amenity for a holiday week is $250 with a $100 deposit. 

  • There is an option to select a minimum of 3 days at $50.00 a day on non-holiday weeks.  The three days must still fall within the rental week of a Tuesday to the following Monday.  (i.e. for example, the three days cannot be a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).  

  •  Lotteries for the Dock will be held throughout, the summer when multiple parties have simultaneously requested the rental of this amenity.  The lottery will be held two weeks prior to the Reservation date.  For example, a rental for August 16-22, the lottery will be held on Tuesday, August 2nd. This is based on a based on a September 2019 Marina Committee decision.

  • Party Dock A has been removed from service.  A replacement dock is scheduled to be on a Spring 2023 Board meeting agenda for approval to be built for the 2023 boating season. The Marina Committee is actively working toward starting this project.

  • To apply to rent the Party Dock, please submit a completed rental form and use agreement.