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Board & Committees

Helpful information about Emergency and Emergency Preparedness at Heritage Ranch.

It is the goal of the Heritage Ranch Emergency Services Committee to enhance the quality of life and safety for the community of Heritage Ranch through partnerships with professional services in assisting with community education, preparedness, and emergency response.

This ad hoc committee was formed in February 2020 to develop a social events program to build a cohesive community. This program will advise and assist the Board of Directors in the implementation and evaluation of community events, programs and activities sponsored by HROA.

The Association is seeking members to participate in this group.  Please see the Community Engagement Charter document for more information.

The mission of the AEC Committee is to review and approve/disapprove all plans and specifications for any structure or improvement on any privately-owned lot or lots in Heritage Ranch and review new improvements projects done on HROA common area lots and make their recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The purpose of The Heritage Ranch Marina Committee is to act as an advisory group to assist the General Manager and Board of Directors with developing marina policy and projects. The HROA Board of Directors approved the formation of this committee on February 19, 2016.