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Hiking and Trails

Trails of the Beautiful Village of Heritage Ranch Guidebook                                                                                                                                                       Members may download a free, electronic copy of the Trails of the Beautiful Village of Heritage Ranch (2020) guidebook here or come in to the HROA Member Services office to request a Hardcopy for $16. Members may also request access to trail maps on the Gaia GPS application after downloading the app here, which can be used on mobile devices and desktops. Once you sign up with Gaia GPS, send an email including your name and the email used for sign-up to [email protected] to request activation.

Trail Use Guidelines

                   Please respect trail etiquette by obeying all signs. Remember that equestrians have the right of way over hikers, joggers, and mountain bikers. Mountain bikers must yield to both pedestrians and horses. Absolutely no motorized vehicles of any kind (including electric motors) are allowed on our trails. If you have dogs, please do not allow them to chase or harass horses, cows, or other wildlife. Also remember to keep all gates closed and stay on the trails, this will help to keep them open and defined. Carry plenty of water, wear good hiking shoes or boots and always let someone know where you will be. Most importantly, keep our trails beautiful and pristine by taking your trash and pet waste with you when you leave.