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Ranch Patrol


Non-Emergency Crime Reports should be directed to: 

SLO County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 805-781-4550

Ranch Patrol Dispatch:
Phone: 805-238-9641 option 2
(Contact Main Gate and Request Dispatch)

Members are advised to be vigilant in their neighborhoods and on social media. We are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s office at (805) 781-4550 if we notice unusual or suspicious activity.  Call 911 if you observe a crime in progress.  

Members may also reduce their chance for victimization by contacting the SLO County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention department to request a residential security survey at (805) 781-4578 or (805)781-4483.  Additional information at the SLO Sheriff's Crime Prevention Website.

Ranch Patrol Department Goals

  • To enforce the Rules and Regulations and CC&Rs
  • To assist local agencies in cases of emergency
  • To regulate the clientele entering the Ranch

Important Notices

  • 911 Calls - All individuals observing a 911 emergency, need to first call 911, then call the Gatehouse.  This will help with relaying accurate, rather than partial, information to the dispatchers. 
  • Calling in Guests -  Reminder, a guest on your permanent guest list cannot call in their own guests.  A resident who is staying with you at your home and is logged into the system must be 18 years or older in order to call in guests.  Any guest who is 12 years or older must be called in to gain entrance onto the Ranch.  When calling in a guest, we ​require you to give us your member identification number.
  • Marina Parking - When signs are posted, only vehicles with current vehicle decals may park in the Marina area past the Fish Cleaning Station.  Please remind all your guests that they need to park in one of the dirt overflow areas.
  • Red Tags - Red tags will be needed seven (7) days a week from October 1 through the week before Memorial Day.  Red tags allow you to temporarily park your recreational vehicles and vessels in front of your residence in your driveway (not on the street).  Thirty red tags, each good for one (1) day, will be allowed annually.  Red tags start over every January.  Red tags do not apply in new tracts, annexed into Heritage Ranch after 1986 (Tract 1910, 1990 and all future new tracts), or in Tracts 446 and 474 which amended their CC&Rs to allow parking year-round.  See Red Tag Instruction Sheet for additional information.
  • Schedule of Monetary Penalties and Schedule of Fees

Security Alerts