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Project Updates

This page is intended to provide the Heritage Ranch Owners Association membership with updates as close to real time as possible. Below you will find a table that lists all the current projects and what stage they are in:

  • IDENTIFIED – These are projects we are aware of and are working on determining what actions are needed.
  • PREPARATION – This is the stage where we have begun consulting with contractors and/or development of the scope of work for invitations to bid on the project.
  • BIDDING – This is the process where invitations to bid have been requested through to the presentation of the bids to the Board for approval.
  • UNDERWAY – This is the stage signifying the Board has approved the project and the work is at varying stages of completion.
  • FINALIZED – This is signifying the project has been completed or it has been canceled. This will include the date it was determined to be finalized and whether it was completed or cancelled.

Projects will remain on the list until 12 months after the project has concluded.

Below the table, a brief explanation of each project is included. An email will be sent to the membership no less than once per month. Updates will be more frequent on the website. Please check back frequently for the most current information. There may be times where there are no new updates as some projects may be placed on hold due to work site conditions, delays with supplies, shifting of prioritization of projects, or other reasons. If this does happen, the latest update will include that information and additional updates will be added as they become available.

If you do not see a project on this list that you have questions about, please contact the Member Services Office at 805-238-9641 option 1 or [email protected] for assistance. The team will inspect and investigate prior to adding to this list and will provide an update directly if it is not one that falls within the association’s responsibility and will not be included in the below list.

Project List as of 2024-02-05


  • Common Area Restroom Renovations – Renovation and update of all common area restroom/laundry facilities and the fish cleaning station.
    • 02/05/2024: A request has been sent for members interested in joining a focus group to evaluate the facilities and prepare a recommendation for Board consideration relating to scope of work for the renovation and updates.


  • Bridle Trail Storm Drain Repair – Repair the failed drain surround and washout between Bridle Trail and the Equestrian Center.
    • 02/05/2024: Multiple contractors are being consulted to develop a scope of work for bidding.
  • Chaparral Drainage – 1) Install barrier for storm drain or replace storm drain for safety. 2) Correcting drainage issues in the greenbelt off Chaparral.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors to develop a scope of work for bidding.
  • Cruise Circle/Longview Concrete Swale Repair – 1) Correct topography and eliminate low spot in middle of swale. 2) Repair damaged portions of the concrete swale.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors to develop a scope of work for bidding, and to identify and execute a temporary solution until the full scope can be performed.
  • Equestrian Center Bridge – Removal of bridge at the rear of the equestrian center across the blue line stream.
    • 02/05/2024: Scope of work has been developed. Bid process has been placed on hold while more pressing projects are addressed. Bidding will take place early spring.
  • Equestrian Guest Barn Pillars & Roof Repair – 1) Replace pillars at hay barn and guest stables. 2) Replace roof on guest stables & repair gutters and downspouts.
    • 02/05/2024: Working with contractors to solidify specs of materials and finalize scope for bidding.
  • Gateway Drainage Repairs & Regrading – Repair multiple drainage areas near Gateway Park and regrading greenbelt across from park.
    • 02/05/2024: Working with contractors to identify full scope of work. Temporary repairs have been completed to mitigate increased damage potential.
  • Gateway/G14 Monument Signage – Repair or replace monument signage at the entry to the community.
    • 02/05/2024: Work is in process to identify possible solutions and discuss with necessary property owners and contractors.
  • Heritage Road/Equestrian Land Bridge Culvert & Slope Repair – 1) Remove damage culvert piping, sleeve pipe, and rebuild and regrade slope on both sides of Heritage Road. 2) Repair slope and correct drainage from Valley Lane to Equestrian.
    • 02/05/2024: Rock purchased for the Heritage Road/Marina Land Bridge project identified as potentially not needed was placed at this location in preparation for this repair. Awaiting design plans prior to requesting bids.
  • Heritage Road/Water View Culvert Repair – 1) Repair concrete swale and sleeve culvert running under Heritage Road. 2) Reinstall culverts along Water View near the former Village Drive.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors to develop scope of work for bidding.
  • Landscape Services Contract – Obtain new service provider for landscape services and include additional areas in regular maintenance.
    • 02/05/2024: Scope of work has been identified and bidding documents are in process. Once completed, bids will be requested.
  • Lower Comanche Spillway & Culverts – Repair/replace lower spillway, the three culvert pipes at the lower spillway, and the two culvert pipes near the upper spillway.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors to develop full scope of work for engineering and design.
  • Mammoth/Gold Rush Greenbelt Drainage Solution – Regrade of greenbelt between Mammoth & Gold Rush to redirect water appropriately.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors regarding potential solutions.
  • North Fork Access Easement Washout Repair - Fill and stabilize slope at North Fork bend, repair access easement entry, and correct drainage issues at easement entry.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors regarding potential solutions.
  • Road Work – Heritage Loop & Tract 1990 – Repair potholes and storm drain inlets along Heritage Loop Road and through Tract 1990.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors to identify temporary solution and scope of work for permanent solution. Once identified, bids will be requested.
  • Road Work – Tract 446 – Perform necessary repairs and overlays in Tract 446
    • 02/05/2024: Scope of work has been prepared. Bid for design and construction will be requested early spring.
  • Slope Stabilization – Multiple Locations – 1) Clean up damages and stabilize the slope behind lots on Big Bear. 2) Stabilize slope behind homes on Black Horse. 3) Repair gabion wall and stabilize slope behind homes on Old Wrangler. 4) Stabilize slope behind homes on Blue Lupine. 5) Stabilize slopes behind homes on Pinto.
    • 02/05/2024: Scope of work under review by engineer to confirm permitting and design requirements are sufficient. One bid has been received and others have been requested. Once verified by engineer and additional quotes or declination to bid has been received, project will be brought to the Board.
  • Sorrel/Silver Saddle Pond Repair – Repair erosion at pond between Sorrel & Silver Saddle.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with engineer and contractors. Multiple solutions under consideration. Once scope is identified, bids will be requested.
  • Tennessee Walker Slope Stabilization – Stabilization of slope at Tennessee Walker cul-de-sac.
    • 02/05/2024: Scope of work under review with engineer.
  • Valley Lane Concrete Swale & Slope Stabilization – Remove and replace damaged concrete swale and stabilize slope at the Valley Lane cul-de-sac.
    • 02/05/2024: Scope of work being finalized so bids may be requested.
  • Windmill Drainage Correction – Extension of drainage path from road to creek.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with contractors regarding scope of work and potential environmental permitting requirements.
  • Wood Duck Cul-de-sac Drainage Issue Correction – Correct the drainage issues at the end of Wood Duck to direct water into the drainage and water easement.
    • 02/05/2024: Consulting with contractors regarding scope of work.


  • Arbor Inventory & Plan – Inventory of all trees within the defensible space around the community and homes, and around and near any facilities and roadways, and the creation of a multi-year tree care plan to ensure the health of trees and the safety of our community.
    • 02/05/2024: Bids are being requested from multiple contractors for the initial inventory and tree care plan.
  • Annual Mowing – Perform the mowing of green belt common areas for defensible space.
    • 02/05/2024: Bids are being requested to perform the annual mowing of common areas.
  • Heritage Park Pool Repairs – 1) Replacement of pool coping grates. 2) Replacement of pool filter and pump equipment. 3) Repair/replacement of auto-fill system. 4) Repair/replacement of solar panels and pump.
    • 02/05/2024: We have been unable to find more than one company willing to bid for all areas except the pool coping. Bids have been requested and they will be brought to the Board for consideration as soon as they are received.
  • Pickleball Court Resurfacing – Repair and resurfacing of pickleball courts.
    • 02/05/2024: Project is being rebid due to lack of communication and major delays with previously selected contractor.


  • Camera Upgrade – Replace camera software, upgrade and replace camera equipment, rewire camera system, and installation of additional cameras at gates and parks.
    • 02/05/2024: Equipment has been purchased and camera equipment is currently being installed. Two of nine locations are complete. Both systems will be utilized until all locations have been transitioned to the new system.
  • Heritage Road/Marina Land Bridge Culvert & Slope Repair – Clear, repair, and sleeve culvert pipe running under Heritage Road between Lake Nacimiento and the retention area below the overflow parking areas. Stabilize, rebuild, and regrade slopes on both side of Heritage Road to address future storm water runoff.
    • 02/05/2024: Culvert has been cleared and a portion of the sleeve pipe has been placed in each end to maintain water flow. Work is on hold until the work site is stable enough for equipment to utilized. Records are being made daily and communicated with the engineer for monitoring of the slopes and Heritage Road for changes.
  • Marina Road Repair – Rebuild, stabilize and regrade slope below the Marina Road wash out, and repair damage section of roadway.
    • 02/05/2024: Emergency stabilization has been done to prevent further damage to the roadway. This project has been placed on hold due to work site conditions and additional design and engineering work.
  • Network Upgrade – Replacing failing network equipment, servers, workstations, and connections to improve information protection and system functionality.
    • 02/05/2024: Network design is in process with equipment components being sourced. Existing equipment is being evaluated for current condition and potential usability with the new update.
  • Upper Comanche Spillway Repair – Remove debris, regrade and rebuild upper Comanche Spillway utilizing a rip rap style spillway.
    • 02/05/2024: All permits have been approved and received. Project will commence as soon as site conditions and weather permit.


  • No projects are in this stage at this time.